Explore your RPG worlds and characters as never before!

VoxStory brings to life your own worlds, stories and characters. Finally your tabletop RPG epic adventures can be played out with friends on the big screen together.

The Story So Far

Create and customise your character from a wide variety of races, equipment and attributes and abilities. Your game world can be designed exactly as you imagined it, using a familiar and intuitive creation system VoxStory helps your fantasy become reality!
Designed to keep the heart, soul and spirit of traditional tabletop RPGs, VoxStory works by connecting players mobile phones or tablets to the game masters computer or laptop. Once hosted the game master has complete control over the world and the events that take place in it.
So sit back and enjoy the evening with friends while you all play out the adventure on screen using your own table or mobile device to control the action!

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Jan 23

How-to: Play VoxStory

Our quickstart guide on how to play VoxStory