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Why a Cinematic Game? Why VoxStory?

VoxStory is the cinematic way to experience tabletop roleplaying. Keeping all of your favourite aspects of TTRPGs and bringing them to the big screen, VoxStory is the modern way to enjoy roleplaying.

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VoxStory remains true to the tabletop style of gaming, the roll of the dice determines your actions, the Gamemaster will still set the story, atmosphere and scene, but with VoxStory you won’t just have to imagine it, you’ll be able to watch it like your very own movie.

With world creation, the possibilities are endless, you can customise every aspect of your world or use a pre-populated world if you’re short of time. Players can join your world with their own custom characters, gather round, connect to a large screen, such as a TV, and watch your adventure play out.

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How it works


With many choices of biome, environmental features, buildings and more, the Gamemaster creates their own unique world on their PC, laptop or Mac, from there you can determine the size and layout as needed for your game.

Tabletop Roleplaying, Reimagined.

The Gamemaster creates a world, complete with various environments and inhabitants. This world can then be hosted on a TV or projector for people to join.

Once players have joined they can control their character through their phone via a mobile app or remotely with their computer, simply tell your character what to do and watch it play out in the hosted world.

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Party members are able to download the free character creation app to their mobile device (or use a PC/Laptop/Mac with the game installed).

Following the simple step-by-step guide players are able to select the race, class, skills and equipment of their character. They will also be able to choose how their character looks right down to eye colour.

How can I make my world in VoxStory?

If you can imagine it, you can create it. As GameMaster you have full control of every aspect of your game, including creation of your own items, spells and abilities.

Start by choosing your preferred biome and create your first tile. You can then completely customise this section of map, adding buildings, NPCs (Non-player character), monsters, critters and flora. When you’re happy with your first map tile you can create your next, changing the biome and shape if you wish, and continue this process until your map is completed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Only one person needs to purchase the game (that’s typically the GameMaster). Everyone else can play for free.

At launch, we will offer a few premade campaigns, which you can modify. We will also create a marketplace where people can share and sell their own campaigns.

Combat works just like a regular RPG, where you roll to see combat order, damage, savings throws, etc. The difference is that the platform keeps track of everything you need to know, streamlining game mechanics so the story stays front-and-center.

Yes! Of course, you can let the system roll dice for you, but our focus groups found that gamers often love to roll physical dice. And who can blame them?

Tabletop gaming wouldn’t be the same if the GameMaster didn’t have the power to create their own world with its own set of rules.

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