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Why Choose VoxStory for Your Adventures?

Step into the realm of VoxStory, where the age-old tradition of tabletop roleplaying blends seamlessly with digital gameplay. VoxStory isn't just a game; it's an evolution in the RPG landscape, designed to transport you and your companions into a world where your stories come alive.

Elevate Your Gaming Experience

With VoxStory, we've distilled the essence of adventure into an accessible desktop and mobile application, making it effortless for you to conduct RPG sessions. Gone are the days of cumbersome setups and configurations. With a few clicks, you're whisked away into a realm of your choosing, with your customized characters ready to embark on new and untold quests. Whether you're gathering around a table or connecting from across the globe, VoxStory ensures your adventures unfold seamlessly.

Features That Forge Legends


Draggable area for quick and easy building placement.

Your next pre game trailer made with a few clicks!

Watch your character claim their reward post fight!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Only one person needs to purchase the game (that’s typically the GameMaster). Everyone else can play for free.

At launch, we will offer a few premade campaigns, which you can modify. We will also create a marketplace where people can share and sell their own campaigns.

Combat works just like a regular RPG, where you roll to see combat order, damage, savings throws, etc. The difference is that the platform keeps track of everything you need to know, streamlining game mechanics so the story stays front-and-center.

Yes! Of course, you can let the system roll dice for you, but our focus groups found that gamers often love to roll physical dice. And who can blame them?

Tabletop gaming wouldn’t be the same if the GameMaster didn’t have the power to create their own world with its own set of rules.

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Press and Content Creators

If you are looking to report on, or create content on VoxStory please feel free to do so! Take any screenshots or logos from the website for use in your content. If applicable, please contact us with a link to your channel or outlet.

We would love to hear your feedback and checkout what you have created about VoxStory.

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