What does VoxStory do?

Created with traditional tabletop RPG’s in mind, VoxStory stays true to the heart and spirit of Tabletop games with the emphasis on Roleplay for casual and hardcore fans alike.
The GameMaster can generate all the intricate details of a new world in a matter of minutes​, and either leave it as is or customise everything, from the Mountains to Taverns to Monsters. Make everything your own in VoxStory. 
New players can enter the game immediately, join from a desktop, laptop or your mobile device, play it your way. 
VoxStory will help new and experienced players, with non-intrusive rule guidance and player options. Easy to learn, easy to play, there's virtually no learning curve.
Make your character your own, change everything from your height to the colour of your armour to the imagery of the spell you’re casting.

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