Frequently Asked Questions

Only the gamemaster needs to purchase the full game. Everyone else can play for free on either the companion app or the free player desktop version

Remote play will require everyone to have Full or Player desktop versions of the game

At launch, we will offer a few premade campaigns, which you can modify. We will also create a marketplace where people can share and sell their own campaigns.

Combat works just like a regular TRPG, where you roll to see combat order, damage, savings throws, etc. The difference is that the platform keeps track of everything you need to know, streamlining game mechanics so the story stays front and center.

Yes you can or you can let the system do it for you!

Tabletop gaming wouldn’t be the same if the GameMaster didn’t have the power to create their own world with its own set of rules.

A GameMaster hosts their game on a big screen for everyone to see, and all other players control their characters from a mobile device!

At the moment we are focusing on a typical fantasy setting, although that doesn't mean we won't rule it out for future expansions.

We are a firm believer in "play it your way", we are giving you as much control as you can over things like your equipment, spells and character. You will also be able to set individual notes, stats and contents for everything from a wardrobe to a tree!

We are working towards releasing in 2023, with early access coming before the end of 2022 however our tech demo is available on steam!

Absolutely! It is our intention to support VoxStory with new assets, features and general adjustments for many years to come!

VoxStory is not just a tool for creating vibrant 3d maps, VoxStory is a complete gaming system which takes care of everything you need to run a TTRPG session either remotely or locally.

VoxStory manages everything in game for you apart from voice comms, so have discord running in the background and you wont even need to tab out!

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