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VoxStory is the latest update to traditional tabletop gaming with a digital, cinematic addition. While keeping true to the feel and gameplay of tabletop roleplaying games the digital addition allows for a cinematic experience on a big screen so you can see your characters actions play out along with your team members, fully immersing you into your gameplay.

As with traditional tabletop roleplaying games, VoxStory is an open system with infinite possibilities. World maps can be created in a matter of minutes using pre-populated worlds or custom created with fine detail to make it exactly how you imagine.
Whether you are an advanced player or beginner there is a set up just for you, for beginners we have a guidance system which shows what actions you can currently take and assist you with everything you need to be aware with, but for those familiar with character creation and world building you’ll quickly get the hang of our intuitive system. Our aim is to give you more time to play and less time looking up rules.

The Game Master creates a game world on their PC/Mac or laptop, which can be shared on a larger screen or via a projector. The players are able to connect their characters to the game world via an app on their smartphones, tablets, PC/Mac or laptops.
Each player is guided through their own character creation on their own devices, here you get to select race, class, special skills, equipment and also what your character looks like, right down to eye colour.
Everyone then gathers round the larger screen of choice, and enters the world created by the Game Master for a fully immersive, cinematic experience. We believe this combination of traditional gameplay with a digital platform allows for smoother story telling. This also makes it much easier if you want to break into being a Game Master but perhaps aren’t as confident at doing so as your peers.
Once in game, like many traditional tabletop roleplaying games, you roll dice to determine what happens and what actions you take, you can either do this digitally or, if you prefer to roll physical dice you can do so and manually enter your roll onto the game. Having the digital access makes it far easier to keep track of inventory, spell slots, hit points and other game mechanics.
The beauty of being online is that you can play traditionally with everyone gathered around a table with the addition of a large screen for the cinematic experience, or you can play remotely for when you can’t all physically be together.

An added bonus of VoxStory is that unlike most digital games, only one person will be required to purchase the game in full, as the individual character app will be available free to all other party members.

We will be launching a kickstarter later this year to help cover the costs of development.

Game Features

Created with traditional tabletop gaming at the forefront, VoxStory can be played by both beginners and advanced players.
The Game Master can generate all the intricate details of a new world in a matter of minutes.
Atmospheric music and sounds to compliment every environment. Almost everything is customisable.
We use Voxel Graphics similar to leading market games adding the ease of game play.

Lex - Director
Lilly, Jamie, Ashley, Jayde, Phoebe and Freya - Graphic Designers
Corrie, James, Sam and Libby - Public Relations and Marketing

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