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VoxStory is a multiplayer Cinematic TTRPG (Tabletop roleplaying game). Keeping all of your favourite aspects of TTRPGs and bringing them to the big screen. With VoxStory you won’t just have to imagine it, you’ll be able to watch it like your very own movie.

The GM (Game Master) will create a world to play their campaign in, adding buildings, objects and NPC’s (Non-playable characters). All players will be able to create characters on the free mobile app and give the GM their unique character code which the GM can enter into their world so the player's character may join the campaign.

When everyone has gathered in one place the GM can connect their game to a large screen or TV for example, so everyone can see the game play out. Character actions will be determined by dice rolls and via the app.

VoxStory will be launching in Q1 of 2023.

Developer Current Year Gaming Ltd
Platform Windows PC, Mac, Linux via Steam Download, Google PlayStore and iOS for character app
Release Q1 2023
Socials Facebook:
Twitter: @VoxStoryRPG
Instagram: @VoxStory

World Creation

The GM would start by making their initial map tile. They can select size, biome, whether there is water, mountains, nature and critters. Based on the information inputted, VoxStory will generate a map tile which can then be customised. If you’re short of time you can add just the key features to the map such as specific buildings, lakes and NPCs. If you want a more indepth experience however, you can customise everything, change the shape of the terrain, add or remove the scenery, and you can build detailed towns and villages. The possibilities are endless!

Weather and Effects

Along with map customisation, the GM can adjust the weather and visual effects to fit the campaign. Using a simple shader, you are able to change the colour of the sky, rain and fog. 
With the dynamic fog of war, the GM is able to change the distance the players can see to keep things hidden until the optimum moment.

Building and Item Placement

We’ve made building creation as simple as possible to speed up the process and get you playing your game. Using a drag and drop technique, the GM is able to create a building shape and confirm when happy with the shape. The building has the option to be auto-populated with furniture or the GM can place each of the objects to suit what’s needed.

To place objects you simply select the asset pack you want to use, scroll to the object you desire and select it. You can scale objects to suit your needs and simply click to place.

Character Creation and NPCs

Character creation can be done via the free mobile app or the full game. With 10 starting races to choose from and 12 classes there is plenty of choice. Like you’d expect, characters are highly customisable. After selecting race and class you are able to change how your character looks, right down to eye colour. You are able to select your equipment, spells and talents, making your character exactly how you want it.

Gameplay and Battles

The gameplay itself is very similar to traditional TTRPGs. Once the GM has set the scene, the players take it in turns to make actions, the results of which are determined by the roll of dice. There are two options when dice rolling, either the in-game system of random dice rolls or, if you prefer, you are able to roll physical dice and enter the result manually. You are able to complete simple tasks such as tapping the map on the app to move your character to tapping a chest to search through, requiring an action roll. 

When entering a battle the players and enemy initiate turn-based combat. The turn order is based on several things including skills, spells and other actions. The battle continues until the players or foe are defeated or placated.

Loot and Items

Throughout your campaign and after boss fights there will often be loot to share out. These would be pre-selected by the GM and discussed with the group for who receives what items. Should your campaign require the glowing blue sword of King Leon, you are able to customise certain weapons to help facilitate these special items.

VoxStory’s Future

VoxStory is due to be released Q1 of 2023. The game will be available to download via Steam at a cost of £25, however only the GM will require the full version of the game, all other players will be able to download the free character mobile app.

Our aim is to release new DLC (Downloadable content) each quarter for the first year after full release. The DLC will have a small cost TBC and include new asset packs. We will be listening to our users to select and design our new asset packs so these are not currently set.

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