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Automatically generate unique worlds, ensuring that every map is different. After that, you can adjust every aspect of the world to fit your needs. Create your maps and world exactly how you want.

"The game allows you unprecedented freedom to create the RPG saga you've always dreamed of."

Jeff Porter - The Indie Gamer Magazine

"While keeping true to the feel and gameplay of tabletop roleplaying games, the big screen experience lets players see their characters' actions play out alongside their team members, fully immersing everyone in the gameplay."

Robert Zarywacz - Business Action Magazine

"Simply tell your character what to do and watch it play out in the hosted world. Is that cool or what! I'm very excited to try this out."

Keith Stout - Temple of Shadows Gaming

Our fog of war has a customisable setting to allow GMs to change the distance players can see or even fully disable it!

200 spells and abilities across 12 classes ensure that every character you play feels like their own.

Design buildings and then furnish them, placing fully rotatable and scalable objects

Only the GM will need to purchase the game - If playing locally, everyone else connects via the free mobile app. (Playing remotely will require separate copies of the full game)

New players can enter the game immediately, join from a desktop, laptop or mobile device, play it your way. VoxStory will help new and experienced players, with non-intrusive rule guidance and player options. Easy to learn, easy to play, there's virtually no learning curve.