Update 7

Hello Adventurers!

As you’ll all be aware now our Kickstarter ended at 142% funded! We were simply overwhelmed with the support we received during our Kickstarter and thank everyone who pledged.

For those of you that pledged for physical rewards they have now been sorted and are ready to be posted once we have all the necessary details for everyone.

As for development, we are still on track to release our early access phase in December. Having released the demo we have been getting a lot of feedback about VoxStory, this has been really helpful and we encourage you to keep leaving us feedback on our socials or discord so we can continue to improve the game for you!

We’ve been working a lot on character creation mechanics recently, making sure your chosen stats work as they should. Naturally, it’s very important we get this right else the ability to choose your stats would be pointless!

Rest assured our coding geniuses have been working really hard and have just about got it all working correctly.

A lot of you have been asking when the free player app will be available, we’re working really hard to try and get this out with the early access so you can run some basic campaigns to get you into the swing of how it works.

You may have noticed the button on our website linking to indiegogo, we decided to sign up to indiegogo for people who remained on the fence during our Kickstarter and for anyone who may not have heard about us yet. 

Until our next update, happy questing!

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