Update 6

Well it’s been a while since our last update, it’s because we’ve been so busy working on VoxStory, we promise!

So let us tell you about what we’ve been working on!

After getting feedback from some of our supporters we added a drag and drop auto build feature to the game. This really speeds up world creation if you're in a hurry. Simply drag the shape of your building and when you're happy, hit confirm, the building will then auto populate suitable items inside to tie it all together.

This new feature has proved really popular on our demo, available to play here!
Give it a try if you haven’t already!

We’ve also programmed object interaction so the characters can now open the loot chest or search the shelves - a fairly important part of the game!

Earlier this month we took part in the ‘Steam Next Fest’ an online festival aimed to inform people of all upcoming games, our demo was really popular and we gained a lot of valuable feedback from it.

You can view our Kickstarter page here. Some rewards are in limited quantities so you’ll need to pledge quickly to get your hands on them!

We really appreciate all the support you’ve given us, no matter whether you pledge a little or a lot, it all goes towards the goal of getting VoxStory completed so you can visualise your adventures. 

Thank you from everyone in the VoxStory team!

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