Update 3

Hello Adventurers!

Things are really ramping up behind the scenes this month as we move closer to our deadlines.
July will see us launch our Kickstarter to help with the continuing development of VoxStory and it will also be shortly followed by the launch of our Beta test phase.

We are really focusing on getting all the game mechanics working as they should. Our current big task is getting the combat working, we are nearly there with the mechanics of it and we’re tweaking the camera angles to determine the best views for combat so you can see all the action as it goes down!

All the nifty graphics our graphic team have been working really hard on are now being put into the game ready to build your adventures, it’s great to see it all coming together.

While we’re starting to feel the pressure having set ourselves a July deadline to launch our kickstarter, we’re all still really excited in VoxStory and looking back on what we’ve done, we can see just how much we’ve achieved! 

In the next month we’ll have lots to share with you so keep an eye on our social media!

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