What Can I Customise

A part of what made traditional tabletop roleplaying games appealing for such a wide range of players is that the GameMaster has complete control over the world, and what is seen by the players, they have allowed people to get really creative with their adventures. We didn’t want to lose this creativity when moving to a cinematic tabletop roleplaying game so we’ve made VoxStory as customisable as possible.

As the GameMaster you create the world map your players will adventure in. You have complete control of how your world looks. Place buildings, scenery, NPCs (Non-Player Characters), critters and monsters. Set the scene with complete control of the weather, time of day and atmospheric sounds and music.
You can even tweak the rules to suit your adventure and play style!
The customisation and GameMaster controls continue into the gameplay, you are able to customise what your players see, you can have slow or sudden reveals by control of the camera and item placement, keep that goblin hidden until the very last minute!
If your adventure has the need for a glowing frost sword for example, we even give you the opportunity to customise special weapons for quest rewards.

As for the players, they too can get involved with the customisation when they make their character via the free downloadable app. You are able to select your race, the class you’ll play as, what skills, spells and equipment your character will use, and then you get to customise how your character will look.

If you can imagine it, you can create it.

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