How to play

Step 1:

The Game Master preemptively creates the maps for the campaign and the players create their characters on the free mobile app. Game Masters can edit and change these maps mid-game if needed.

Step 2:

The Game Master hosts the game locally at no cost to the players. They should display this on a large screen or projector for the players to see. (All users must purchase the full game to play remotely)

Step 3:

When Players join the Game Masters lobby, they will be prompted to provide a code, this unique identifying code can be found on the character sheet. When the code is entered, the game will load in the character, ready to be used for the campaign.

Step 4:

The Game Master chooses what map and tiles to load in and the game begins. Players will view this world from a top down prospective on their mobile devices.

´╗┐Players control and manage their characters via a mobile device and can see their characters actions being cinematically played out in the Game Masters world.

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